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Meet Joshua Beckford

Ambassador for BMAN {Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network}


Joshua Beckford Is Fundraising To Reconstruct A School and Equip Classrooms For The TAFAN Community In Kaduna State Nigeria

Autism Awareness


Joshua’s story is quite remarkable, as he was diagnosed with high-functioning autism from an early age but never let the diagnosis damper his aspirations. At two years old he learned how to read effortlessly using phonics.


Joshua is now 14 years old, with some incredible achievements already under his belt.


Joshua was accepted to do a master class in Philosophy and History Research Project on the Plague of 1665 at Oxford University OLP on-line Learning Platform when he was only six years old, he became the youngest person in the world to receive a distinction in both Subjects.

Joshua Beckford meets H.R.H. Prince Andrew        The Duke Of York

TEDx Vienna

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